Continuous Operated Shaken Bioreactor System

Short description

COSBIOS (COntinuouS BIOreactorS) enables the user to run parallel continuous fermentations very easily. The investment costs of the COSBIOS system are low when compared with stirred fermenters. Up to six parallel Bioreactors can be installed on a single shaker-tray. Applications for COSBIOS include: tracer experiments, metabolic flux analysis and strain stability tests.

Performance characteristics

+ Low investment costs
+ Up to six parallel bioreactors on one shaker
+ Low media consumption and low liquid volume
+ Time saving, compared to a stirred bioreactor
+ Six different states of
equilibrium at one time


This new system consists primarily of a specially designed flask with two inlets, one for gas (air) supply and one for medium supply. There is also a combined outlet on the side of the flask for exhaust gas and the fermentation broth. The circular motion of the flask on the shaker causes the fermentation broth to reach the outlet port and leave the glass flask.

Technical data

Continuous Operated Shaken Bioreactor System

Peristaltic pump

Differential pressure

1bar (100psi) max.,
short-therm use of higher pressure is possible, using a small ID tube and / or cassettes with pressure lever
Remote control

Via RS232 and analogue interface
Mains connection

115/230 V AC /50/60Hz
Fuse rating
2 x 500mA, träge (230 V AC)
2 x 500mA, träge (115 V AC)
Power consumption
30W maximum
Protecting rating
IP 30
Operation conditions
Temperature +41 to +104°F, +5 to +40°C humidity max. 80%
(not condensing, at normal laboratory conditions)
Dimensions / Weight
10.2 x 6.9 x 5.1 inches /
260 x 175 x 130 mm Weight: 12.8 lb / 5.8 kg
ETL-compatibility UL 61010A-1 CAN/CSA C22.2 Nr.1010-1
Proved according to: EN 61326-1 / EN 61010-1
Flow rate
Min. 0.00039 – 11 ml/min (depending on the tube size)

Mass flow controller

Air flow
0.02 – 1 ln/min
± 0.8% of actual value, plus ±0.2% of end value
Inlet pressure
1 bar
Outlet pressure
0.5 bar
normally closed
Power supply
Actual value
RS-232 0…100% (0…5V)
Set point
RS-232 0…100%


COSBIOS flasks
Liquid volume
Depends on the shaking diameter and shaking speedmin. 20mL, max. 200mL
Gas flow rate
0.0 - 142 ln/min air

Application fields

Continuous Operated Shaken Bioreactor System

Application fields

+ Substrat inhibited systems
+ Foamy systems
+ Methabolic flux analysis, (tracer experiments)
+ Strain stability testing