Test tube holders

Tilting holders for various tube sizes


The test tube holders are compatible with all Kuhner universal trays. They are made of stainless steel and the angle of the holder is adjustable. The number of tubes per holder is determined by the size of the tube.


Please note:
For 15ml Falcon tubes use holder RGH-16.
For 50ml Falcon and TPP tubes use the RGH-28.

Test tube holders

Order number

SM317016 RGH-16
16 mm dia. 24 tubes (15 ml Falcon)
SM317018 RGH-18
18 mm dia. 24 tubes
SM317020 RGH-20
20 mm dia. 18 tubes
SM317023 RGH-23
23 mm dia. 18 tubes
SM317025 RGH-25
25 mm dia. 16 tubes
SM317028 RGH-28
28 mm dia. 16 tubes (50 ml Falcon)
SM317030 RGH-30
30 mm dia. 14 tubes
SM317032 RGH-32
32 mm dia. 14 tubes
SM317034 RGH-34
34 mm dia. 14 tubes