50 ml bioreactors for screening


Are you screening using large numbers of 50ml bioreactors (TPP, Falcon tubes etc.)? Then our new EPFL-table is the ideal solution. This table accepts up to five tube holders, each with a capacity of 24 x 50ml tubes. Each tube holder has its own clamp handle allowing it to be easily taken out of the incubator shaker and put on a clean bench while the other tubes keep on shaking. It’s also possible to shake microtiter plates on the EPFL-table, using Duetz 4-place cover clamps. If you have a Kuhner F-size tray (800 x 420mm), you can also clamp that on the table instead of individual holders. The TabCom Option is not possible with an EPFL-table. The TabCom Option is not possible with an EPFL-table.


An EPFL-table with 4 clamp positions is also available for the ES-X Lab-Shaker.

EPFL-table inside an ISF1-X
tl_files/kuhner/product/shaker/accessories/Empty EPFL-table inside ISF1-X_web2.png
tl_files/kuhner/product/shaker/accessories/Loaded EPFL-table inside ISF1-X.JPG
EPFL-table EPFL-table with different holders
tl_files/kuhner/product/shaker/accessories/Kuhner F-size tray on EPFL-table.JPG tl_files/kuhner/product/shaker/accessories/Handle_EPFLtable_web.png
F-size tray clamped on the EPFL-table Clamp handle


EPFL-table for ES-X
EPFL-table with 4 clamp positions

Order number

SMX3803 EPFL-table
without holders
SMX3805A Holder for 24 x 50 ml Falcon/TPP tubes
SMCR1700C Cover clamp for 4 deepwell MTPs (Duetz)
SMCR1800C Universal clamp for 12-16 lowwell MTPs or
4 deepwell MTPs (Duetz)
SMX3810 EPFL-table with 4 clamp positions for ES-X