Determines online pH and DO


The Shake Flask Reader (SFR) is an online measurement that determines valuable parameters such as dissolved oxygen and pH in shake flasks.

Performance characteristics

+ Rapid, parallel online monitoring of up to 9 shake flasks
+ For microbial cultivation and cell culture
+ Compatible with Kuhner incubator shakers
+ Non-invasive measurement
+ Optimization of growth conditions

Integration into Kuhner incubator shakers

The SFR fits in all Kuhner incubator shakers. It is screwed directly on to any Kuhner universal tray (EU, EXU, FU).


The specialization provides monitoring of oxygen and pH in up to 9 shake flasks simultaneously. The corresponding ready-to-use flasks contain pre-calibrated sensor spots. The system monitors non-invasively through the transparent bottom of the flask. Different types and sizes of flasks are available. Plastic flasks contain pre-calibrated oxygen and pH sensors. They are ready-to-use for one cultivation. Glass flasks are equipped with autoclavable oxygen sensors.

Technical Data

Determines online pH and DO

Shake flask reader


Applicable for all Kuhner Shakers (V/W/X-serie)
Temperature range

5°C - 50°C



pH 5.5 - pH 8.5
± 0.05 pH at pH 7 with one-point calibration
± 0.10 pH at pH 7 with precalibration
< 0.005 pH per day
Temperature range
up to 50°C
Technical data subject to change