O2 control

Essential O2 control for stem cells


A reliable control of O2 is essential for cultivating cells (proliferation and metabolism of stem cells) and microorganisms with low/no oxygen demand. The O2 controller reduces the O2 level from ambient (20.95% at dry air; normoxia) to approximately 0% O2 (hypoxic). A digital PID controller adjusts the N2 flow rate to maintain the desired O2 value.


Technical data

O2 sensor zirconium oxide
Measuring range approximately 0% up to ambient O2 (20.95% at dry air)
Accuracy, absolute ±0.40% at 5% O2
O2 sensor stability ±0.5% full scale/year
Setting, digital ± 0.1%
O2 control PID, digital
Temperature range -10...80°C
N2-supply max. 0.5...0.8 bar overpressure
Technical data subject to change