Kuhner Insight Software

For convenient supervision of the shaker


The user-friendly Kuhner Insight software was developed for supervision, monitoring, and recording of data. The software is easy to operate.


The software covers the important requirements demanded when working under the rules of ISO-9000 or GMP/GLP. In connection with a suitable interface, the software continuously records and saves the set point controls at the computer, independently from the operator.


Set points include:

  • Shaker speed
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 concentration
  • BPM-60 for dissolved oxygen and pH



In addition, Kuhner Insight provides important functions such as:

  • Data saving
  • Programming of set points
  • Remote control
  • Calibration


Technical controls for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are built into the software.


Advantages of Kuhner Insight software

  • Easy integration into a validation procedure (in conjunction with appropriate hardware)
  • Prevention of data manipulation (data integrity)
  • Saving of program start (time) and any modifications
  • Clearly documents and identifies experiment protocols
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to data (system security)
  • Traceability of data

Demo version

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