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Working with light sensitive medium? Take a look at the Kuhner AppNote "Light protection for Kuhner incubators"

Dual table

A simple and economical way of doubling the shaking capacity.

O2 control

Read more about our new O2 control option.


Touchscreen with Kuhner Insight Software for simple operation, monitoring and programming of incubator shakers.


Have you heard about our new EcoDew-Technology? Find more information under kuhner technology.

LT-X (Lab-Therm)


Space saving stackable incubator shaker available with options including CO2 and O2

Short description

The Kuhner LT-X (Lab-Therm) incubator shaker has the same capabilities as the larger ISF1-X and ISF4-X models. The incubator shaker was specially developed to address the shaking needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The practical size of the LT-X means it will fit in any laboratory.

Performance characteristics

+ Fits into any laboratory
+ Used in biotech and pharmaceutical industries
+ Accepts flasks up to 6 litres
+ Two units can be stacked without the need for special kits or tools
+ Humidity, CO2 and O2 control available

Extra space

Exceptional chamber height means flasks up to 6 litres capacity can be accommodated. If using smaller flasks, there is sufficient head height to fit one or two stationary trays above the shaking table. It is also possible to stack two LT-X together without the need for special kits or tools.

Functionality through direct drive

The maintenance-free direct drive guarantees long and economical performance from the LT-X. The shaking diameter can be changed at any time thanks to Kuhner’s unique direct drive system. The integrated drive is protected from spills and the all stainless steel interior has a drain at the back for any unwanted liquids. The chamber can be cleaned using chemicals or sterilized with optional UV lighting.

Safety and quality

A door switch ensures the motor stops as soon as the door is opened. After closing the door properly, the motor restarts. The safety, reliability and quality of our shakers are of personal concern to everyone at Kuhner which is why all our machines are supplied with a 5 year warranty.


The LT-X can be equipped with options for CO2, O2,controlled humidity, LED photosynthesis, UV lighting and much more. It is now also possible to integrate measuring data from Kuhner shakers with your company’s own network using Kuhner Insight software together with the NET-60 interface.

Technical data

Space saving stackable incubator shaker available with options including CO2 and O2

Technical data

  SMX1700 SMX1701 SMX1703
  SMX1700C* SMX1701C* SMX1703C*
Cooling no yes yes
Humidity control no no yes
Temperature minimum ambient + 10°C ambient - 15°C
(- 10°C)*
ambient - 15°C
(- 10°C)*
Temperature maximum 80°C (60°C)* 80°C (60°C)* 80°C (60°C)*
Humidity maximum - - 85 % r.h.
Power consumption < 800W < 950W < 1300W
Cooling no    
Humidity control yes
(with EcoDew)
Temperature minimum ambient + 10"C    
Temperature maximum 80°C (60°C)*    
Humidity maximum 85 % r.h.    
Power consumption < 1100W    

* incubator shaker optimised for cell cultivation


Gas volume 260 l
Weight (with cooling) 170 kg
Illumination Halogen (2X 10W)
Operating menu in German, French, English, Italian, Spanish
Interface, standard CAN-Bus
Interface, optional USB, Ethernet, digital, analogue
Ambient temperature 10°C up to 35°C

Dimensions (in mm)

Left sidewall

Cable feedthrough: PG 16 (ID 20mm)

Optional: 2nd cable feedthrough 


Setting, digital 0.1°C
Accuracy, absolute ± 0.30°C (37°C)
± 0.25°C (37°C)*
Principle of sensor Pt-100
Power of heating 500 W
Power of cooling 90...155 W
Air circulation 160 m3/h


max. at 25..55°C 85% r.h.
Setting, digital 1% r.h.
Accuracy, absolute ± 2% r.h.
Principle of sensor capacitive
Water refill automatic
Water heater 180 W
Door heater 90 W


Principle of sensor Infrared, NDIR
Measuring range 0...20% CO2
Setting, digital 0.1%
Accuracy, absolute
(including non-linearity, calibration uncertainty, repeatability)
± 0.40% at 5% CO2
Temperature range 5...60°C
CO2-supply max. 2 bar overpressure


O2 sensor zirconium oxide
Measuring range approximately 0% up to ambient O2 (20.95% at dry air)
Accuracy, absolute
±0.40% at 5% O2
O2 sensor stability
±0.5% full scale/year
Setting, digital ± 0.1%
O2 control PID, digital
Temperature range -10...80°C
N2-supply max. 0.5...0.8 bar overpressure

Mains connection

SMX1021: 220 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz
SMX1022: 190 - 210 V / 50-60 Hz
SMX1023: 110 - 120 V / 50-60 Hz
SMX1024: 95 - 105 V / 50-60 Hz

Shaking unit

Tray, size EX (500 x 420mm)
Loading, maximum 25kg
Setting, digital 1 rpm
Accuracy, absolute ± 0.1 rpm
Timer 1s ... 999h
Acceleration controlled
Active brake adjustable
Stop on position adjustable

Shaking motion

* orbital, Ø 12.5mm 20...500 rpm
* orbital, Ø 25.0mm 20...400 rpm
* orbital, Ø 50.0mm 20...300 rpm
* linear, Ø 12.5mm 20...400 rpm
* linear, Ø 25.0mm 20...300 rpm
* linear, Ø 50.0 mm 20…200 rpm
* can be changed  
Technical data subject to change


Space saving stackable incubator shaker available with options including CO2 and O2


All Kuhner incubator shakers can be fitted with cooling. The refrigeration system is regulated by a fully digital PID control ensuring minimal energy consumption. The cooling is switched on only when required as determined by the chamber temperature and set point.

Humidity control

Humidity control is an important factor in successful fermentation. Evaporation from microtiter plates, or when cultivating in flasks for long periods (e.g. cell cultures), can be significantly reduced with humidification.


Our newly developed EcoDew-Technology provides precise humidity control.

CO2 control

CO2 control is essential when working with mammalian cell cultures. Kuhner was the first company to manufacture and supply incubator shakers with CO2 control more than ten years ago and continues to offer this option.

O2 control (PhysOx control)

A reliable control of O2 is essential for cultivating cells (proliferation and metabolism of stem cells) and microorganisms with low/no oxygen demand. The O2 controller reduces the O2 level from ambient (20.95% at dry air; normoxia) to approximately 0% O2 (hypoxic). A digital PID controller adjusts the N2 flow rate to maintain the desired O2 value.


Dual table

The dual table is an easy and economical way of doubling the shaking capacity. The dual shaking table consists of two levels. Each level will accept an E or EX size tray. However, with the dual table the shaking speed is limited to a maximum of 200 rpm.


Black window

Available for light sensitive medium or organisms. Any Kuhner incubator shaker can be delivered with blackened windows to prevent unwanted daylight or UV radiation inside the incubator.

Illumination unit for photosynthesis (LED)

The ceiling of any Kuhner incubator shaker can be fitted with LED modules for the cultivation of phototrophic organisms. The control module allows full programming of night/day cycles and variable light intensity.


UV lamp

As in a biological safety cabinet, the chamber of a Kuhner incubator shaker can also be sterilized with an integrated UV lamp. The lamp is situated to maximise irradiation of the chamber and shaking table. The UV lamp has a clearly marked external switch and when the door is opened, the UV-lighting is automatically switched off.



This option includes a 7-inch touchscreen with our Kuhner Insight Software. The touchscreen has been designed for simple operation, monitoring and programming. It can also be retrofitted to existing incubator shakers.

Perspex cover

To prevent accidental operation of the controllers, the panel can be protected by a perspex cover.


BPM-60 (Bioprocess Monitoring) is a non-invasive, online measurement of dissolved oxygen and pH in an Erlenmeyer flask.


Continuous, recording of dissolved oxygen and pH

Dissolved oxygen and pH can be easily measured online using the BPM-60. The system allows for one or both parameters to be recorded in the same flask. The values of dissolved oxygen and/or pH can be monitored simultaneously in eight different flasks.


The continuous data logging, compared to conventional sample taking, is automatic and consistent. The recorded data can be analysed to identify oxygen limitation or inhibition and therefore optimize yields in shaken flasks.
Furthermore, the BPM-60 assists in the production of reproducible starter cultures for use in fermenters (see PAT-initiative of the FDA).


Not on battery mode

An integrated socket (TabCom option) at the front of the shaking table makes simple data communication and power supply possible without the risk of wiring breaking. With this technology no battery is required.


Kuhner Insight software for data logging

The Kuhner Insight software is capable of data recording. In addition to logging dissolved oxygen and pH it is also possible to record all other shaker parameters such as shaking speed and CO2 concentration. A full audit trail is also stored for each shaker connected.


  • Further information can be found under add-ons.


The TabCom option from Kuhner consists of a cable for power and data with the connection port integrated in the shaking table (see picture below). A cable guide prevents the cable breaking and ensures secure data recording. Online measuring technologies offered by Kuhner that use TabCom include BPM-60 (pH, dissolved oxygen) and RAMOS (OTR, CTR). The flexibility of TabCom means other measurement systems can be easily integrated.

Order number

SMX1712A tl_files/kuhner/product/shaker/options/Port_TabCom.png

TabCom Option for
standard shaking unit

CAN-Bus + 24 V power supply
at the shaking table

IQ-OQ Documentation

IQ-OQ (Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification) is an equipment qualification according to GMP procedure. Kuhner offers this service which can also be carried out at the customer’s premises.


Space saving stackable incubator shaker available with options including CO2 and O2

Universal tray EXU

Order number: SMX3002

The universal tray can be fitted with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, test tube
holders, microtiter plates, or custom made holders to suit your requirements.
Rearranging these clamps and holders is quick and simple.


EX-Tray with fixed clamps

The clamps are riveted onto these trays and cannot be removed. They offer
maximum stability and will often hold a larger number of flasks than universal trays. These trays are available in a variety of flask clamp sizes from 25 to 6000ml.

Order number

  Description Number of clamps
SMX320025 EX-25 ml 90
SMX320050 EX-50 ml 60
SMX320100 EX-100 ml 42
SMX320125 EX-125 ml 36
SMX320150 EX-150 ml 32
SMX320200 EX-200 ml 25
SMX320250 EX-250 ml 21
SMX320300 EX-300 ml 18
SMX320500 EX-500 ml 14
SMX321000 EX-1000 ml 9
SMX321500 EX-1500 ml 8
SMX322000 EX-2000 ml 5
SMX323000 EX-3000 ml 4
SMX324000 EX-4000 ml 3
SMX325000 EX-5000 ml 3
SMX326000 EX-6000 ml 2

Tray E (420 x 420 mm) for microtiter plates

Kuhner has designed trays specifically for microtiter plates. Handles at the front of the tray open and close the special clamping mechanism allowing plates to be loaded and unloaded. Trays of different heights (22, 47 and 77mm) allow the stacking of up to four microtiter plates. The trays are suitable for all types of plates (deep well, low well, 24, 48 and 96 well).

Order number

  Description Number of microtiter plates
SM3502.22 E-MT.22 12 - 24
SM3502.47 E-MT.47 12 - 48
SM3502.77 E-MT.77 12 - 72

EX-tray with rubber mat

Order number: SMX3602

The whole tray is covered with a rubber mat and is particularly suitable for
shaking containers at low speed (e.g. blood bags).


EX-tray with sticky strips

Order number: SMX340001

A tray fitted with sticky strips is especially useful for flasks shaken at low speeds (up to 200 rpm). The flask is placed directly on the sticky strip without the need for any other support. Flasks of all sizes can be used. Sticky strips are available individually or in sets and can also be supplied already fitted to a tray. The EX-size tray accepts five strips. 

EX-tray with support bars

Order number: SMX4120.4


These trays offer an alternative to both clamps and sticky mats and are ideal for tall containers. The tray is covered with a rubber mat and has an upright at each corner. The EX size tray is fitted with four cross supports. These support bars securely clamp containers.

EX-tray for centrifuge tubes

Order number: SMX3804

The use of centrifuge tubes (e.g. 50ml Falcon tubes and TPP 50ml tubes) in cell culture screening is well established. This EX-tray has a capacity of 72 x 50ml centrifuge tubes (3 racks of 24).

Holders for 600ml TPP tubes are also available. 

Floor stand

Order numbers: SMX1760 (2 x LT-X), SMX1761 (1 x LT-X)

For a comfortable working height Kuhner offers floor stands for both the ISF1-X and LT-X incubator shakers. These are available in a choice of 400mm (2 x LT-X) or 765mm (1 x LT-X) high.


Order number: SMX1772


The Kuhner LT-X incubator shaker can be fitted with a shelf allowing cultivation in petri dishes. One or two shelves can be placed above the shaking table and fixed to the chamber walls with four screws.

Water bath

Order number: SMX1733B 

To reduce evaporation from shake flasks or microtitre plates a stainless steel water bath can be placed inside the incubator. This water bath is not fitted with an automatic water supply and must be topped up manually.

Kuhner Insight Software

The user-friendly Kuhner Insight software was developed for supervision, monitoring, and recording of data. The software is easy to operate


Kuhner shakers are equipped with a CAN-bus. CAN-USB, CAN-Ethernet, EMI-60 and NET-60 are all well established interfaces.


Space saving stackable incubator shaker available with options including CO2 and O2


? Is linear shaking available?
! Yes
? Is it possible to stack three LT-X together?
! No, only two.
? Is it possible to stack an LT-X on an ISF1-X? 
! Yes, using a special fitting.
? Is it possible to shake a 6 litre Erlenmeyer flask inside the LT-X?
! Yes, an EX-tray has space for two 6 litre Erlenmeyer flasks.
? Is IQ-OQ documentation available for the shakers?
! Yes
? Can the machine be used in the GMP sector?
! Yes